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Summer Supplements for Cows

Summer Supplements for Cows | Agvance Nutrition New Zealand

Don’t let the heat get to your cows this summer! Agvance has tailored summer mineral solutions for dairy cows

Summer in the North Island requires mineral products for your cows to protect them against facial eczema and heat stress. Signs that your cows may be in need of extra mineral support for heat stress include the following:

  • Elevated breathing rate or in advanced cases, laboured breathing
  • Restlessness
  • Spending increased time standing
  • Drooling or foaming
  • Read more about heat stress here.

Signs to look out for when facial eczema is present:

  • Lowered production
  • Skin irritation
  • Cows are restless, seeking shade and lick their udder
  • Exposed unpigmented or thin skin reddens, thickens and peels
  • It can lead to liver damage and death in some cases
  • Read more about facial eczema here.

In both the case of heat stress and facial eczema, prevention is better than cure. It is wise to make use of zinc and other supplementary feed to enhance their diet.

While facial eczema is not as prevalent in the South Island, heat stress and other health issues do still affect dairy cow herds. OptiPrill is an effective addition for the South Island cow for optimum health and production.

Find all the supplements you need for your cows this summer. Agvance Nutrition is your premium supplier of cow mineral products in New Zealand.

Find out more by talking to your vet or the Agvance team today. Ready to reorder? Now you can re-order your products online too – it’s a fast and easy process. Just register, and get started.