Calf Nutrition

Calf Nutrition to support calf growth

We all want calves to have the best start possible. Even with careful calf management though, issues can arise. Scours (diarrhoea in calves) is a real challenge. The right mineral support will help to build immunity, and keep calves in peak condition.

Newborn Calf Support

Over the first few days a calf receives colostrum from its mother. The colostrum gained from the first feed is important – it is extremely high in immunoglobulins (also called antibodies) a type of protein that transfers immunity to the newborn calf.

Without adequate colostrum the calf will often struggle and is prone to fall victim to any number of diseases later on.

Very early in life, the calf will start to eat small amounts of grass and cereal based meals, this will progressively increase as the animal develops a functional rumen.

Key challenges

The biggest risk to the young animal is disease, this most commonly takes the form of scours, which can be either nutritional (overfeeding) or bacterial, or a virus, such as Rotavirus. These can leave the calf seriously weakened or can often be fatal.

The best mineral support

A wide range of mineral salts suitable for feeding cows post calving are available. These can be custom blended to the exact requirement of each herd, taking into account the ratio of feed in each ration and then calculating the nutrient levels required to balance the ration.

Effective Mineral Support 

Agvance distributes a product through vets that prevents scouring in calves called Optiguard. This product effectively acts as a binder, as well as actively absorbing and allowing the animal to excrete the toxins produced by the scour disease. It also has the ability to actively bind viruses before they can invade cells and proliferate in the body. For further information you can review OptiGuard product details for the North Island here, or access product details for the South Island here.

Agvance also manufactures Calf AminoBoost. This product is a complete combination of key amino acids, minerals, and vitamins designed to keep the calf healthy and in peak condition.

 Find out more by talking to your vet or the Agvance team today. Ready to reorder? Now you can re-order your products online too – it’s a fast and easy process. Just register, and get started.

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