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Solutrace DCM Plus

Solutrace DCM Plus is a premium water-soluble trace mineral blend, specifically designed to meet macro and micro mineral requirements for superior dairy cow performance and health.

Solutrace DCM Plus provides superior benefits:

  • Contains copper glycinate chelate (German-made) to guard against copper toxicity or deficiency
  • Fully water soluble
  • Delivers high levels of zinc, selenium, and cobalt for growth, reproduction, and milk production
  • Covers each of the 8 key trace minerals vital for high-performance
  • Superior iodine stability
  • 5g dose
  • Dry and free-flowing
  • More cost-effective than any other blend currently available

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Solutrace DCM Plus mineral blend for year-round use

Solutrace DCM Plus has been formulated to tackle each of the key trace mineral requirements of the New Zealand dairy cow. Designed as a complete year-round supplement, its comprehensive formulation supports animal immunity and health. 

High-quality mineral supplementation at a low cost

Constantly refined by Agvance’s science team, Solutrace DCM Plus is one of our leading trace mineral products. Its mineral composition strikes an excellent balance between dairy cattle mineral requirements, range of trace minerals used, and affordability.

This product promotes better animal health without the expensive price tag of equivalent products on the market. It delivers its trace-mineral efficiently, minimising interactions and subsequent loss, while staying in solution and minimising wear and tear on water dosing equipment.

DCM Plus is optimised as a low-cost option for delivering trace minerals efficiently, enhanced with copper chelate.

High-quality copper chelates for copper concerns

DCM Plus’s copper chelate provides a higher tolerance to any potential copper toxicity risks of palm kernel feed. It will ensure a good level of copper is maintained at all times. Even in areas where copper deficiency can be a problem. If you have copper toxicity or copper deficiency concerns, DCM Plus will handle it.

The story behind the Solutrace range

Today’s industry-leading Solutrace range of mineral products began in the late 1990s. Dairy farmers were topdressing with fertiliser containing selenium and other trace minerals in an effort to increase levels of these traces minerals in their cattle. A group of innovative farmers approached Agvance and asked if it was possible to put these minerals directly into the water trough. They figured that this would be a more effective and cheaper mineral supplementation option. Agvance supplied these farmers with raw trace mineral product and began testing. After consultation with other world-leading scientists, Agvance’s first complete trace mineral blend was develop and released into the New Zealand agri market. 

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What do farmers have to say about Solutrace?

“I milk 360 cows on 108 effective hectares on peat soils near Puketaha and have been using Robin Boom for 20 years who has been advising me on fertilisers using Ballance fertilisers and Agvance trace elements. I have also been using Agvance Solutrace minerals blends (Amino and CuZinc), feeding them direct to my cows for 18 years and am very happy with both the advice from Robin and the performance of the animal minerals. Liver biopsies from cows have always shown excellent levels since using Solutrace mixes. Farm production is up to 162,000kgMS (1500kgMS/ha), largely off home-grown feed – clover-based pastures and maize. Visiting farmers and consultants often remark on how much clovers are in my pastures compared to other farms in district.”

– Paul Clausen, Gordonton


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