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Solutrace FE

SoluTrace FE is a complete mineral supplement for dairy cows, designed New Zealand summer pressures. For all conditions where a higher level of zinc is required in your cow herd, specifically heat stress and facial eczema.

Scientifically-proven benefits:

  • Organic chromium binds naturally-occurring toxins in pasture to reduce heat stress
  • Supplies all essential trace elements normally depleted over summer months
  • 100% soluble
  • Aniseed flavouring improves water intake
  • Optimal levels of zinc to guard against facial eczema
  • German-quality copper plexomin chelate ensures a ready supply of summer-safe copper
  • KemTRACE chromium delivers production benefits 
  • Good levels of cobalt, selenium, and chromium to support liver function and repair

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With Solutrace FE, you can trust you’re giving your dairy cows the right form of preventive zinc for maximum effect against facial eczema, while providing optimal levels of chromium, cobalt, iodine, and selenium for better health and optimised summer performance.

Make Solutrace FE part of your facial eczema prevention plan

A balanced formulation of minerals supplying seasonally optimum levels of zinc, while balancing all other key trace minerals in your herd. Solutrace FE is formulated to also supply a balance of other minerals normally depleted over the summer season. 

High-quality and proven mineral supplementation

ZINC Zinc sulphate mono-hydrate form – provides full dose to aid in eczema prevention
COPPER Copper glycine plexomin chelate form – German-made quality
COBALT Cobalt sulphate – important for metabolism and liver function
SELENIUM Sodium selenate form – supports cow function, immune system, and liver health and function
BORON Aids in the absorption of calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium
CHROMIUM Increases insulin function and energy metabolic efficiency


Genuine high-quality German mineral chelates used. Only copper in the organic complex form is supplied, ensuring maximum copper uptake without affecting the uptake of zinc or the health of the liver. Aniseed, which cows love, is also added to the blend for improved flavour and increased water uptake.

The SoluTrace FE Story

With the introduction of German-made copper and zinc glycinates into Agvance’s SoluTrace range, we now have the ability to develop a combination mineral product to aid in the prevention of facial eczema while balancing the cow’s mineral nutrition needs. After undertaking a lot of research and product trialling, we launched the water-soluble SoluTrace FE product. 


This product has grown significantly in popularity, to be one of the most widely used mineral combination products for facial eczema prevention on New Zealand farms. 

Agvance has also launched SoluTrace FE Drench, for use in drench systems, OptiPrill plus Zinc for in-shed feeding, and other facial eczema preventive pre-mix mineral blends that will keep your cows at peak health and performance over the summer months.

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