Loose Licks

Agvance Loose Licks are a cost-effective way of ensuring cows receive  essential trace minerals when feeding on pasture or forage crops. This simple supplement option will help your herd to maintain balanced nutrition year-round, providing the macro mineral and trace mineral supplementation they need to keep them at optimal health.

Agvance has formulated two Loose Lick blends – Loose Lick Fodder Beet and Loose Lick General Blend.

  • Loose Lick Fodder Beet:
    Agvance has designed a more specialised blend specifically for cattle feeding on fodder beet. With essential phosphorous and calcium specifically required by cows grazing fodder beet, this free choice stock lick is designed to provide a balanced mineral supplement for the winter months.
  • Standard Loose Lick:
    Agvance’s Standard Loose Lick contains a general mineral blend suitable for most herds year-round. With a combination of salt, magnesium, selenium and more, the Standard Loose Lick is designed to aid in metabolism, prevention of metabolic disease, energy utilisation, body condition and the maintenance of blood and liver mineral levels.

Add Agvance Loose Licks into your herds nutrition plan by talking to your vet or the Agvance team today.

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