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The wintertime is often seen as the holiday period for the dairy cow, and often for the farmer also. With the cow milking the focus is on condition in preparation for the coming season and the requirements of the growing calf inside.

With the pressure off ,the cow the temptation is to reduce focus on mineral balance through feed & supplementation, however, it is important to make sure the cow is well supported nutritionally through this period.

Key Focuses:

  • Do a diet winter analysis with an Agvance Consultant or your local Vet
  • Different supplement options exist specific to the different winter feed options and different regions
  • Know the mineral status of the cows prior to dry-off, i.e. blood & liver tests
  • Identity mineral deficiencies are specific to the farm, i.e. Calcium & Phosphorus issues in the spring in the cows. Start building these levels in the Autumn and through the winter in preparation for the coming season
  • Copper, Selenium & Iodine are key for calf health and vigour at birth, therefore ensuring optimal levels in the calf before they calve helps with calf survival & growth
  • Ensure your R1 & R2 herds are well supplemented, for the R2’s this is one of the most critical periods of mineral supplementation and often the time when their mineral stores are at their lowest levels due to increased requirements, diet & antagonism
  • Regular testing of the R1’s & R2’s is most important

Key Products:

  • Winter & Fodder Beet loose licks
  • Custom loose licks for youngstock
  • Custom Trace Mineral Blends for the Water
  • Mineral pre-mix for the feed
  • Calciphos with trace minerals dusted on supplementary feed (silage/straw)


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