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Solutrace Metabolizer Plus

Give your dairy cows a superior boost in their mineral nutrition all year round. Solutrace Metaboliser Plus works to improve reproduction, milk production performance, and reproduction.

Solutrace Metaboliser Plus provides superior benefits: 

  • Blend of 9 key trace minerals for comprehensive formulation
  • High-quality German-made copper and zinc glycinate chelates support healthy connective tissue, skin, reproductive performance, long-term hoof health, and overall bone health
  • Superior levels of all ingredients leaving nothing to chance
  • Well-stabilised to ensure efficient mineral availability
  • Free-flowing and fully water-soluble
  • 5g dose increases ease of use
  • Designed specifically with cow health and performance in mind
  • Contains KemTRACE Chromium which is proven in effectiveness against heat stress and improving production benefits

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Highest-quality key trace minerals for high-performing dairy cows

SoluTrace Metaboliser Plus is Agvance’s flagship water-soluble trace mineral blend, supplying the highest-quality copper and zinc chelates all year round. This product is a fully loaded blend of nine key trace minerals, delivered at levels designed to fill any mineral gap in New Zealand’s high-performing dairy cows. 

Maximise your herd performance with Solutrace Metaboliser Plus

This product a comprehensive blend of highly concentrated minerals designed for maximum on-farm benefit. Agvance uses the highest-quality, organic, genuine copper and zinc mineral chelates to deliver maximum absorption of nutrients, promoting superior animal health and optimal immunity.

With Solutrace Metaboliser Plus, you know you’re giving your dairy cows the best support throughout the year by minimising exposure to animal health issues. 

The Solutrace Metaboliser Plus story

Solutrace Metaboliser Plus has been consistently refined over the years to adapt to increasing cow requirements and scientific developments. The copper and zinc glycinate chelates are the foundation of this blend, with the quality and cow performance results setting it apart from others in the market. As Metaboliser Plus developed, Agvance built boron and chromium into the blend to further increase its efficiency and reach as a market leader in the delivery of trace minerals to the cow. Today, Metaboliser Plus is Agvance’s leading water-soluble trace mineral blend, delivering the best-quality-available minerals to the New Zealand dairy cow.

What do farmers have to say about Solutrace?


“We farm on peat land on the edge of Hamilton City. Mineral deficiencies can be a real problem in our area, particularly copper and selenium. We have used Solutrace formulations for years, with excellent results. Since using these products, our cows have always looked in good health with shiny coats and have never shown any deficiency symptoms you would normally expect on peat land. Our submission and conception rates are excellent and our cows always produce exceptionally well. Using Solutrace is a breeze. Being in totally soluble powder form, they are very easy to handle and go into solution instantly on contact with water. For us, these products are a quick and simple cost-effective way of taking care of the trace mineral requirements of our cows.”

– Wayne Ford, Hamilton (475 cows)

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