Fodder Beet

Fodder beet is commonly used for BCS gain and to grow replacements through the winter in farming systems with negligible winter pasture growth. Fodder beet is also used as a feed for lactating cows to fill feed gaps in late lactation and for grazing young stock. It is becoming increasingly popular for New Zealand farmers, particularly those in southern regions.

Fodder beet can offer farmers flexibility along with consistent high-quality feed, but it does come with its own set of health challenges that need to be addressed. Appropriate grazing management can minimise the risks to animal health and production, and to minimise the mineral issues and also the risk of cows going down or even death, farmers need to look at more specialised blends of minerals.

Our free choice stock lick is designed for this purpose and provides a balanced mineral supplement for the winter months. Our Fodder Beet Loose Lick blend supplies levels of phosphate and calcium specifically required by cattle grazing this crop, in addition to a balanced organically based trace element blend. A simple and cost-effective option to keep your herd safe and healthy.

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