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Premium Loose Lick South Island

Agvance’s Premium Loose Lick South Island is a cost-effective free choice stock lick to provide a balanced mineral supplement over the winter months so you’re ready to crack on come transition.

Scientifically-proven benefits:

  • Excellent palatability
  • Cost-effective and easy to feed
  • Metabolic disease prevention
  • Blood and liver mineral level maintenance
  • Enhances body condition
  • Aids in energy utilisation
  • Aids the cow’s metabolism

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Agvance’s Premium Loose Lick South Island is designed for lactating and dry cows, youngstock, and beef cattle. It contains effective mineral levels that aid in metabolism, prevention of metabolic disease, energy utilisation, body condition and the maintenance of blood and liver mineral levels. 

Loose licks are a very cost-efficient way of offering a general mineral blend to animals fed on pasture or forage crops. They are an easy and simple option for providing a macro mineral and trace element supplement to the herd.

What’s in the Premium Loose Lick South Island mineral blend?

  • Salt – to balance mineral levels in crops and pasture aiding in metabolism and the prevention of metabolic disease.
  • Effective Magnesium – high-quality Australian magnesium oxide used in maintaining blood magnesium levels and helping to prevent metabolic disease.
  • Copper Glycinate Chelate – a high-quality chelate providing a high-quality organic copper supplement. This helps to build/maintain copper levels in the liver and blood and supports the health of the animal.
  • Zinc – maintains/boosts the immunity of the animal through times of stress (wet/cold conditions and late stages of pregnancy).
  • Iodine – in highly available EDDI form, helps to maintain iodine levels while on goitrogenic crops. Aids metabolism is important in preparing the cow for the calving period.
  • Selenium – supports the maintenance of blood selenium levels going into the calving period.
  • Chromium – aids energy metabolism by helping a cow efficiently use the energy she is eating to increase her body condition.

Check out ruminant nutritionist Shaun Balemi and Farm4Life’s Tangaroa Walker talk Loose Licks:

With Agvance’s Premium Loose Lick South Island, you don’t need to worry about your cows over winter. This is an excellent way to get a good balance of minerals into your cows efficiently and cost-effectively, building up their reserves over winter so they can crack on come transition.

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