Ascocool – Seaweed Concentrated Extract

Ascocool – Seaweed Concentrated Extract is a high-quality natural tonic proven to combat heat stress and grass staggers in dairy cows.

Ascocool – Seaweed Concentrated Extract provides superior benefits:

  • Contains over 60 macro and trace minerals, 12 vitamins, 21 amino acids and enzymes.
  • Heavily loaded with alginates which increases availability
  • Free-flowing, highly concentrated crystalline form
  • Easy to blend and instantly soluble
  • Cost-effective at 1g per cow per day
  • Properties are locked into the end product via a special vacuum evaporation system
  • Powerful prebiotics create a better environment for efficient bacterial breakdown of feed in the digestive system
  • Binds naturally occurring toxins from heat-stressed grass
  • Proven to increase immunity

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Add Ascocool to the diet when temperatures start to rise

Designed to combat heat stress and other problems in the central nervous system, Ascocool – Seaweed Extract is effective in supporting the liver to remove toxins and mould that build up in the grass in hot, humid conditions. It also acts as a powerful prebiotic via poly and mono-saccarides. This creates a better environment for more efficient bacterial breakdown of feed in the digestive system.

Cost-effective and easy to use

Ascocool uses the finest quality seaweed available – pure Atlantic brown (Ascophyllum Nodosum). High levels of nutrients are locked into the end product by using a special vacuum evaporation system. The product comes in a fine, free-flowing, highly-concentrated crystalline form that blends directly into feeds, or is instantly soluble when dosed into the drinking water. 

When fed at normal daily supplementation rates, Ascocool costs 1g per cow per day ($20 + GST & freight per kilogram). This is a fraction of the cost of other similar products on the New Zealand market.

Power packed with nutrients

Ascocool – Seaweed Extract contains over 60 macro and trace minerals, 12 vitamins, 21 amino acids and enzymes, as well as being heavily loaded with alginates. Alginates are powerful natural mineral chelators that increase availability when incorporated into the diet.

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What do farmers have to say about Asocool – Seaweed Extract?

 “We have been using seaweed extract for the past 5 years on our big Friesans. Previously, we had had a fair bit of problems with heat stress, but we have had a noticeable change in them &and they are not affected by heat stress. Our cows are happier and we wouldn’t go without seaweed now! Currently we dose from Dec – March in the heat of summer. We also use the seaweed on our pasture and mix it with gibberellic acid. We find we get a lot better response combining these two together as opposed to using gib acid on its own. The grass is a lot greener and thicker, and does not go yellow.”- Rhys, Croasdale farms, Taupiri – 400 cows on 110 hectares


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