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Optiprill Early Lactation North Island

Agvance’s OptiPrill Early Lactation North Island is a balanced mineral prill, scientifically designed to support your cows through the demands of early lactation and with a great taste they’ll love.

Scientifically-proven benefits:

  • Molasses coating for excellent palatability
  • Sealed for dryness and flowability
  • Processed for consistency and hardness
  • Fast breakdown and release in the rumen
  • Superior absorption
  • Premium range of available ingredients

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OptiPrill Early Lactation North Island is a well-balanced early to mid-lactation mineral supplement, containing good levels of calcium, magnesium, sodium and trace minerals. OptiPrill EL is suited to farmers wanting to replace lime/mag dusting and magnesium/trace minerals in the water.

Improved cow performance with premium mineral ingredients

Say goodbye to mineral deficiency

OptiPrill ensures your cows receive the essential minerals they need, mitigating the risk of mineral deficiency and promoting optimal animal health. With our superior mineral product, you can provide comprehensive mineral support in a single supplement.

Availability and absorption

OptiPrill promotes mineral absorption by breaking down easily and rapidly in the rumen. Its super fine particles, measuring just 45 microns, ensure superior availability of all essential minerals. 

Effectiveness and efficiency

We know there’s no point in feeding mineral supplements if your girls won’t touch them. OptiPrill’s excellent palatability means cows will eat their full ration for maximum effectiveness.

Flexibility and ease of use

OptiPrill gives you the flexibility to administer minerals alongside feed or incorporate them into your existing feed system. Its versatility means easy integration your inshed feeding routine.

Get the science behind OptiPrill mineral supplementation

OptiPrill is the result of many years research, machinery development, and testing. When farmers told us they wanted a better alternative to dusting that would decrease waste, we decided to create a mineral supplement fed through the inline shed feeding system to increase dosing consistency, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. 

We went on a global search for the best quality mineral supplements that could be manufactured into a strong and great-tasting prill. We weren’t interested in status quo, we’d set our sights on creating a product to deliver measurable improved mineral performance to the cow while removing the hassle, cost, and waste of dusting. Our search led us to products that, when tested, showed better performance than any other market equivalent. 

Independent and inhouse test results gave us the confidence to release OptiPrill to the New Zealand market as a superior, complete mineral supplement staple. 

OptiPrill is great for dairy cows, and they love it.

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What do farmers have to say about OptiPrill?

“Having the prilled minerals has definitely helped with the palatability, because if you’re having to put a fairly high amount of calcium into their diet, they certainly don’t bulk at it when it’s been put into a prilled form.” – Judy Gershaw