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OptiPrill plus Zinc

Palatable, all-inclusive mineral prill designed to help prevent facial eczema, while maintaining mineral nutrition balance and performance for New Zealand dairy cows.

Scientifically-proven benefits:

  • Specifically formulated to deliver zinc for facial eczema prevention
  • Premium-quality calcium, magnesium, and salt aid in cow function
  • High levels of specific trace minerals with co-factors for liver health
  • Mineral co-factors for the reduction of toxins from facial eczema and heat stress
  • Coated in molasses for high palatability
  • Superior absorption
  • Fast release and breakdown in rumen
  • German-quality copper chelate for strong chelation ensures no free copper in the rumen or intestine
  • Easy to use free-flowing mineral in prill form readily blends into feeds. Flows through mineral dosing bins without causing bridging
  • Stable when blended with feed
  • Prill form minimises dust in the shed
  • OptiPrill is a pure mineral formulation, it contains no binders

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OptiPrill plus Zinc combines prilling technology with a world-leading range of supplements in a nutritionally-balanced combination, specifically designed to combat facial eczema in dairy cows. 

This superior mineral supplement contains calcium, magnesium, sodium, bovatech, zinc and other effective trace minerals into a hard prill that’s then coated with molasses. Cows love it.  And because it tastes great, you know your cows are eating the full dose each time.

OptiPrill plus Zinc is tailored to meet the mineral nutrition and supplement needs of the cow at every level, particularly in the summer months to prevent facial eczema in cows.  Combinations are available to suit production levels, specific health challenges and stages of lactation. Get the best supplements to guard against facial eczema for your dairy cows.

Improve cow performance and guard against facial eczema with premium mineral ingredients

TABLE OptiPrill plus Zinc

Get the science behind OptiPrill mineral supplementation

The journey to develop OptiPrill plus Zinc began when we started putting zinc oxide into meal being fed through an inshed feeding system. Dust was a big issue in the early days, putting cows off the feed and reducing the product’s effectiveness in preventing facial eczema. This caused us to develop a product that incorporated the dusty zinc oxide inside the prill, eliminating dust and increasing palatability and mineral availability. And so OptiPrill plus Zinc was created, a completely prilled product that covers the zinc requirements leading into the facial eczema period, while maintaining all other mineral nutrition requirements of New Zealand’s dairy cows through the summer months. With many eczema seasons under OptiPrill’s belt and with vigorous testing, we have great confidence in the capability of this product to deliver in all areas over the facial eczema period.

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