OptiPrill Springer Safe South Island

A revolutionary mineral prill for dairy cattle in the South Island

The OptiPrill range has been specifically designed to meet the mineral nutrition and supplement needs of the cow at every level with combinations to suit production level, feed mineral levels, specific health challenges and stage of lactation. Get the best supplements for your dairy cows. 

What does the term transition mean? 

Transition covers the period right at the end of gestation. This is the period where a cow transitions from being a dry cow on low feed levels, giving birth, lactation, and higher feeding levels.

Why is effective transitioning important? 

Customizer is the ideal tool when it comes to building anionic salt (negative DCAD) transition blends. These blends ensure the causes of metabolic disease are treated before they occur and that cows calve and then launch into lactation without these energy-sapping problems. Customizer now incorporates a feed library that calculates the mineral requirement as well as DCAD ensuring optimum anionic corrective formulations can be developed in all feeding situations.


  • Highly palatable with an attractive molasses coating.
  • Combines a greater variety of minerals into one product overcoming previous mineral conflicts.
  • Easy to use free-flowing mineral in prill form. Flows through mineral dosing bins & feed silos without causing bridging.
  • Prill form minimises dust in the shed.


Avoid mineral deficiency & enhance animal health with a single superior mineral product

  • OptiPrill breaks down easily and quickly in the rumen to a super fine (45 micron) particle, providing superior availability across the entire range of essential minerals.
  • More effective and efficient due to excellent palatability.
  • Provides flexibility to dose minerals alongside feed, or mix into existing feed system easily.

OptiPrill takes care of 100% of the cows’ mineral requirements so water treatment is no longer required. It compares favourably to the cost of dusting, along with avoiding the machinery and labour cost of dusting.

OptiPrill Early Lactation

A well-balanced early to mid-lactation mineral supplement. Containing good levels of Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Trace Minerals. OptiPrill Early Lactation is perfectly suited to farmers wanting to replace lime/mag dusting and magnesium/trace minerals in the water.

OptiPrill Lactation Complete

A well-balanced early to late lactation mineral supplement. OptiPrill Lactation Complete is perfectly suited to farmers wanting to improve calcium uptake throughout lactation while replacing the need for minerals to be dosed in the water.

OptiPrill Springer Safe

A well-balanced early lactation mineral supplement, specifically formulated to be safe to feed to springers while still meeting the mineral requirements of lactating cows. Ideal for those wanting to run springers through the shed to help get them used to loading in the shed and eating the grain. Again contains good levels of Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Trace Minerals to aid through the transition period.

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