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Customizer mineral formulation tool | Agvance Nutrition New Zealand

Innovation through customisation


Customizer is an innovative, powerful computer program from Agvance that enables vets and animal nutritionists to formulate custom mineral and vitamin blends and premixes, specific to a customer’s herd requirements. In the past, blood and liver biopsy results have been supplied to farmers with simple recommendations to supplement the elements found deficient, without any professional advice on what type of element or which product would be most suitable. Customizer takes this guesswork out of animal nutrition by allowing qualified people to quickly and easily formulate comprehensive nutrient formulations specific to any situation. Reports are also generated giving detailed information on each element used so that the farmer knows why each mineral is being recommended and how it will benefit their animals.

Once a blend is confirmed and been approved by all parties, each formulation is blended and bagged. Bags are well labelled indicating ingredients, daily dose rate and other relevant information.


  1. Utilize expertise – only qualified vets or animal nutritionists have access to the program and are able to formulate blends
  2. Custom blends – target the specific deficiencies that may be affecting the health of a herd
  3. Premixes – a feed module within the program that accurately calculates mineral requirements for a transition cow
  4. Accurate reporting – keeps accurate records so that you can track changes from season to season and make any necessary changes
  5. Easy and quick to use
  6. Total flexibility – wide range of minerals, vitamins & additives to choose from
  7. Highly Soluble blends – easy to administer through water, feeds & drenches
  8. Access to a library of information on Customizer itself


“We are absolutely impressed with the Customizer program that we have been using since 2009. We also appreciate the consistently great service, advice and help we have received over the years from Agvance. We use the program to produce custom in clinic blends specific to our region, along with other blends that are targeted to individual clients’ specific needs and budgets. Our clients are also very satisfied with these products. Through testing, we are pleased with the consistently good trace element levels we are achieving in comparison to some other competitor standard blends. What we are doing is working!” – Frank van der Gulik – Galatea Veterinary Centre

“We have been using the Agvance Customizer computer program since 2009 and have found it very easy to use. Best thing about it is we can tailor the mineral mix to suit the requirements of the farmer & his cows. Our clients are happy using product that is personalized and designed specifically for them.” – Taranaki Vet Centre Ltd

“It has been awesome to work with the Customizer programme for the past 8 years. We have many customers in the Culverden region using your minerals & they are very happy with the results, with many repeat orders occurring. It has taken a while to use the new program, but is it generally straight forward and it keeps a good history on previous orders used. We have built up a good relationship with Agvance and enjoy working with Shaun & Canaan (Agvance agents) who are enthusiastic and do a lot of work behind the scenes. Delivery has also has been reliable, direct to farm. Overall your minerals are very good & repeat business says it all!” – North Canterbury Vets

Contact Agvance or one of our field agents for more information. They will be happy to show you how to use Customizer. There are also a number of helpful training videos once you are logged in to show you how to use the program. Please note access to Customizer is only given to vets and qualified animal nutitionists.