Soil + Herbage Testing

Soil testing 

We can supply a wide range of soil testing and assessment services. Agvance has had a long association with Brookside Laboratories a fully USDA accredited facility based in Ohio, in fact, some of our key people are registered Brookside soil consultants. Brookside is one of the largest soil, environmental, and turf culture laboratories in the world. The standard Brookside tests are very comprehensive and therefore allow the consultant to identify deficiencies and imbalances quickly and effectively. For what the test offers it is also very good value for money. Brookside is unique in that the laboratory was originally set up by an eminent soil scientist by the name of Dr William Albrecht along with a number of like-minded consultants back in the 1950s. In fact, the laboratory is still owned by a large group of American and internationally based consultants who still make up much of its customer base. Brookside is also one of the leading turf culture (golf course) laboratories in the world. Due to the turf culture involvement, the laboratory is able to offer some very unique tests unavailable from other laboratories, tests that look very closely at soil structure, permeability, and water holding capacity, just to name a few.

All of these tests can of course be applied to a wide range of agricultural situations, such as when monitoring soils under crops or pasture. We can of course also work with local tests and are happy to give recommendations based on any New Zealand recognized soil test.

Herbage testing 

We can supply a range of macro and micro mineral herbage test options, including comprehensive feed testing. These tests are very helpful, particularly alongside soil tests in identifying deficiencies and imbalances in the environment. These tests are analysed here in New Zealand by local laboratories.

Fertiliser recommendations 

The Customizer program gives us the ability to produce soil fertility reports along with accurate recommendations very quickly and effectively. The program can also source and build fertiliser and mineral combinations quickly and more cost effectively than any other program currently available in the New Zealand market.


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