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Premium Transition Premix North Island

Agvance’s Premium Transition Premix NI is specifically designed for North Island springers to support rumen function and provide the essential trace minerals required during transition.

Scientifically-proven benefits:

  • Superior animal health
  • Designed for transition period
  • Provides mineral salts in negative DCAD form
  • Increases immunity

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A solid transition plan is crucial to start your cows off on the right foot and set your season up for success, and the impact of feeding a balanced diet with the right mineral supplementation cannot be underestimated at this time. Agvance has developed Premium Transition Premix NI to ensure you’re giving the right mineral supplementation to your springer cows at the right time.

Negative DCAD for transition

Premium Transition Premix uses anionic salts along with key trace elements to improve rumen function and supply higher levels of available energy in early lactation. Using negative DCAD supports the mobilisation of calcium and phosphorus to reduce the risk of milk fever and other metabolic issues.

Easily dosed

Transition Premix can be dosed via mixer or feedout wagon. It blends well and its excellent palatability means the cows will eat their full ration, making it a cost-effective way to ensure your cows are getting all the minerals they need.


Improve cow performance with premium mineral ingredients


Get the science with our Springer Transition Series:

How to ensure your springers get the right mineral supplementation

Supplementation of the springer cow is critical to minimising metabolic diseases. We recommend the following steps to ensure your springers receive the correct levels of minerals. 

Step 1: Decide what you’re going to feed your springers and how much.

Step 2: Complete a herbage analysis on the pasture, silages, and other components of the diet.

Step 3: Calculate the DCAD, which gives you an idea of how risky that feed or diet is to causing metabolic disease. 

Step 4: Ascertain the magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and mineral proportions of the feed.

Step 5: With the herbage analysis complete, look at the calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus components of the diet. Levels within the total diet should sit at:

  • calcium 0.7%
  • magnesium 0.2%
  • phosphorus 0.3%

Most springer diets don’t contain enough calcium to get cows through the springer period and transition well. Magnesium is also critical. Most farmers will dust regularly for springer cows. This usually requires a calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium supplement to go along with the DCAD salt, or the DCAD-lowering supplement to the springer cows.

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